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A note from a client..

Thanks so much for your patience and your help. You have my business permanently and I will recommend you to my colleagues and friends.
Have a great Day.
  - Kate


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web site hosting

If you want to get your website up and running as fast as possible and do not want to learn HTML or any hand coding you should use SiteXpress.

Some of our clients want to start with the basics and would like to learn HTML and how to hand code their website. For these clients we will put up a basic site to help them get started. We will design a basic web site for you at no additional cost and help you to edit your site later. We limit this designing to 10 pages and you must send us your images and text you want on your site.

We prefer to start with a template which makes it much easier for you to edit your site later. If you want to change one piece of text, such as your phone number, a template will allow you to only change one page instead of every page on your site.

We have provided 5 basic templates for you. These templates can be edited as you want with your colors and photos.
Template #1
Template #2
Template #3
Template #4
Template #5

We also use templates from a company who offers hundreds of designs at a cost of only $5 (one-time fee) per template. Contact us and we will help you find a template that you like.

The initial designing stage is 1 month. That gives us plenty of time to design your site. After 1 month you will maintain your site and if you have problems you can always find help in your control panel or contact us and we will tell you how to edit your site.

If you do not want to edit your site yourself and prefer to have us maintain your site we will make changes for $2.00 per page after the initial month of designing.

There are some obvious restrictions to this designing. We will not design a shopping cart. We do provide a shopping cart but you will have to design this yourself. We will also not edit your images. You must send us the images you want to use in the format and size you want. If you have a site plan and are unsure of our free web design please contact us and tell us what your site will be about and what you want. We will be happy to go over your plans with you before you sign up with our hosting company.

web site hosting
Spam & Virus

All of our hosting clients receive SpamVault at no extra cost.

"SpamVault is the most powerful and easy to setup anti-spam system we've ever found. We love it!"
- Buzz Nofal
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