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A note from a client..

Thanks so much for your patience and your help. You have my business permanently and I will recommend you to my colleagues and friends.
Have a great Day.
  - Kate



Thanks for the help. It seems obvious to me now the error I made but I couldn't see it until you pointed it out. Sorry to bother you with such a little problem. Thanks for fixing it so soon.
...Shawn, Arizona



I thought you were crazy when you told me that the mistake I made with one of my 'table tags' made my website not show up if someone was using Netscape but it would still work if they were using Microsoft. You were right. I still can hardly believe it but I checked it out and you were right. I will never doubt your support staff again.
...William, Arizona



Thanks, - as always, you provide the most excellent service.



I just wanted to say what a great service and company you are to work with. The Web site tools you have for the price is really unbeatable, the customer service exceptional, and I will continue to refer potential clients to you.



You are the 3rd hosting company I have been with because the other 2 wouldn't help me with simple questions about my web site. You have helped me with every single request I have asked over the last 3 months and I have been satisfied with every answer. The monthly price was not a factor even though they were a little higher. I will not be going to another hosting company. I also have 2 other domain names that I want you to host. I will be sending them to you next week sometime. 
...Charmay, Minnesota



I can't believe you give the type of support I am getting for these prices. I was paying over $20 per month to a national hosting company and thought I would give you guys a try and am I ever glad I did. You actually answer my questions and many times within an hour or two. Keep up the good work.
...Elizabeth, New York



We would  never have got our website online without you. Thanks again for your help especially when we first started uploading our files. We had a mess and were ready to give up until you helped us.
...Thomas, Illinois



Thanks for showing us how to get our pictures to show up. Our office manager said you would charge us at least $50 per hour for this and you never charged us anything extra and when you were done you said you would help again if we needed it. I was the one who talked him into changing our site to Minnesota Shopper and you made me look good. He has now put me in charge of the website and he doesn't realize how easy it is when you are helping me. Thanks, Thanks, Thanks!
...Donna, Florida



Thanks again for your help. It's a pleasure working with you.
- Kevin



Thank you so much. You are wonderful to work with.
- Rebecca



Thanks again! I love how I can go to the control panel and make changes -- used to have to download, fix, upload again, blah blah.
- Robin

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- Buzz Nofal
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