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A note from a client..

Thanks so much for your patience and your help. You have my business permanently and I will recommend you to my colleagues and friends.
Have a great Day.
  - Kate


  SpamVault 4.0

spamvault - professional spam software

We offer our clients the power and flexibility of one of the most aggressive spam fighting software programs available. SpamVault is a very simple to use yet powerful tool that blocks unwanted, unsolicited, and annoying emails.

While some other hosting companies offer Spamvault it is almost always an added cost which means you pay more for spam protection. All of our accounts receive Spamvault at no extra cost.

SpamVault Advantages Include:

  • Email blocking based on text, specific IP, network IP, or email address in the header, to, from, subject or body of the email sections.
  • Blocks .exe attachments, base 64 emails, and images called from the internet in HTML emails which are used to track who opens email for further spamming
  • Creates a special email spam@ email box on user's account so that they can read/manage their spam via webmail
  • Log files track all emails and counts blocked spam emails
  • Log files are color coded and show exact phrase that triggered the filter and what part of the email it was in
  • White List features prevent filtering of email from certain addresses
  • Ability to import Outlook filter settings
  • Virtual Address feature and much more
  • Ability to temporarily turn off each filter to see if the spammer is still active
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All of our hosting clients receive SpamVault at no extra cost.

"SpamVault is the most powerful and easy to setup anti-spam system we've ever found. We love it!"
- Buzz Nofal
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