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A note from a client..

Thanks so much for your patience and your help. You have my business permanently and I will recommend you to my colleagues and friends.
Have a great Day.
  - Kate


  Do you need a domain name?

If you want a website on the Internet you probably need a domain name. When the Internet was young many hosting company would sell server space using their domain name and they would call these sites sub domains and other fancy names. Sites such as this would have URL's such as:


Now that isn't a very easy name to remember, is it?

Many search engines don't like to index sites such as this either. That would make it much harder to find your site for potential viewers. It is also much harder to run certain scripts using this type of site because you do not have access to certain features that allow you to have an interactive site.

If you want a website you should have your own domain name. It allows you a unique place on the Internet and will allow you to have email using that domain name.


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All of our hosting clients receive SpamVault at no extra cost.

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- Buzz Nofal
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